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New Poster and Marquee

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Our new poster and Marquee, adorning the institute in between exhibitions (GDI: Exhibitions -Film shows – Study Centre), another glorious design by Piet Schreuders



Bettie Serveert singer Carol van Dyk posing with her selfmade dress she wore all of last succesful tournand also in the ‘Lovesick’ vid (youtube). The dress is on display in our summer exhibition dealing with Bettie Serveert, a Dutch indierock band that came to instant international fame with their first CD ‘Palomine’ and has been making music since 1991. The Betties visited GDI last Friday to have a look at the exhibits, see the GDI-film CREATURE FROM UNDER THE BRIDGE (2016) on the big screen and watch a two hour Bettie-compilation doc GDI volunteer Andre den Hartigh put together last month. The docu will be shown in two screenings Friday July 28 and Friday August 4, both screenings at 20.00. The exhibit will be accessible until August 9 Mondays and Wednesdays (NO Saturdays!) 14-17.00 (Photo courtesy of Rob van Dijk)


Everything breathes CINEMA

‘Everything breathes CINEMA here’ commented Gerda Peters on her first visit tot the GDI last Sunday. Gerda is the wife of film lecturer and festival programmer Harry Peters who will be donating his massive documentation archive to GDI later in the year.









Upon their visit last Sunday, they already brought Harry’s extensive collection of film posters designed by the French Maitre de l’Affiche René Ferracci (1927-1982). Among these a copy of GARDE A VUE signed by Ferracci shortly before his demise. Together with the Ferracci posters already in our collection we now have some 200 of the approximately 1200 film poster Ferracci designed in his life.