The Geoffrey Donaldson Institute was founded on 29 November 2013. Its objective is to promote research into film production, film screenings and cinema culture. The Institute manages an extensive collection of films, books, pictures, posters and archive material which it makes available through a library and other research facilities. The Institute wishes to promote film culture and cinephilia by means of exhibitions and publications and to facilitate third-party publications in the field of film history and cinematic culture.

The Institute operates out of Dorpsstraat 612, Noord-Scharwoude, the Netherlands.
Opening Hours: Monday and Wednesday from 14-17 hours and also by appointment (free entry)

Members of the Board are:

Egbert Barten (Chairman) Listen to an interview with local media here (Dutch): Lief Langedijk
Rob Basten (Secretary)
Klaas Molenaar (Treasurer)
Roel van de Winkel (Film Studies)

Felix Barten (webmaster)                                                                                                                               Richard de Jong (webeditor)

Film Technique: vacancy